Should You Do Masters? | Self Introspection Quiz

Contemplating going to graduate school? Take our quiz to see if should you do masters degree that aligns with your career goals and life.

Should you Do masters

The decision to invest in a Master’s degree is not merely an academic one; it is a choice that can define your career trajectory, open new doors, and challenge your understanding of both your field and yourself.

Graduate school is supposed to bring greater career prospects, and the intellectual prestige of academic achievement. However, the path to a Master’s degree is also one of rigorous academic demands, significant financial investment, and substantial time commitment.

It requires a deep passion for your field, a clear vision of your career goals, and a readiness to embrace both the challenges and opportunities that come with higher education.

This quiz is your first step towards making an informed decision about graduate school. It will prompt you to reflect on your current career satisfaction, academic interests, and personal circumstances. Are you looking to advance in your current career, or are you seeking to pivot to a new field that ignites your passion? Do you have the time, resources, and dedication required to thrive in a demanding academic environment? And importantly, does your career aspiration necessitate a Master’s degree?

There are numerous ways to acquire specialized skills and knowledge, from professional certifications to online courses and workshops. This quiz aims to help you weigh these alternatives against the unique benefits of graduate studies, tailored to your personal and professional aspirations.

This quiz, is designed to mirror the decision at hand, touching on aspects of academic interest, career goals, lifestyle, and readiness for the challenges ahead. Whether or not graduate school is in your path, the journey of making this decision is an invaluable opportunity for self-discovery and strategic planning for your future. The quiz asks some very obvious questions, but these questions we rarely ask ourselves or we are always shying away from. One can live a life in deception, but one should not live in self-deception.

Let this quiz be a tool to plot the course of your career and personal development, aiming not just for success, but for fulfillment and growth.

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Should You Do Masters?






Deciding to pursue a Master’s degree is a significant decision that depends on your personal, professional, and financial situation. While a graduate degree can offer deeper knowledge and open up advanced career opportunities, it’s not the only path to success.

Consider your passion & priorities carefully, career goals, lifestyle, and whether you’re prepared to meet the challenges and commitments of graduate studies.

Remember, the best choice is one that aligns with your aspirations, circumstances, and long-term happiness. Many times passions change when it becomes your job or profession, and it may thus more rational to pursue a passion as a hobby, rather than making your profession. Always ask yourself, if you could work tirelessly in a particular field of work if you get into it. And be truthful to yourself, which may not be as easy as people think. 

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Disclaimer: This quiz is intended for fun and self-reflection and does not constitute professional educational advice. For decisions about higher education, please consult with an academic advisor or career counselor.

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