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About is a platform to help Harvard or ivy-league alumni understand the admission process, criteria and student life. Although this website is in no way affiliated with Harvard University, the tips and secrets mentioned here are thoroughly researched and updated to help Harvard applicants. That’s why How to Get into Harvard is your unofficial guide to acing Harvard applications.

From application tips and requirements to paying for their education to moving to campus, How to Get into Harvard aims to be any student’s guide to the complete process of getting admitted, and beyond. We also aim to bust the myths that are associated with Harvard admissions. Really, the truth is that talent and hard work can pave anyone’s way into their dream university.

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We Are Accepting Guest Articles started with a sole purpose – to give everyone the confidence that they, too, can get into Harvard.

We at believe we cannot achieve our mission alone. That it will take a vast community of experienced professionals to contribute ideas and insights that students can learn from. So if you would like to share your wisdom or insights, we invite you to submit a guest article submission. Please note that we only accept 100% original articles that draw from the author’s area of expertise. We only accept unique and exclusive articles that have not been published elsewhere (including all websites, social media platforms and personal blogs). All submissions become the property of

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Why Get Published on

We know that experience is hard-earned and knowledge is priceless. Students and alumni have a lot to share with applicants who can benefit from their education and application journey. Such advice is usually lost on social media platforms where what you share is restricted to that platform.

Furthermore, being published on will also help you establish your online visibility. It’ll increase your digital footprint, and if your article is approved, it will establish you as a subject-matter-expert in your field.

Being published on gives you the chance to touch the lives of millions of young students. You never know whose life you may change.

Article Guidelines for Guest Authors

Article Submission & Editing Process

We at take pride in maintaining high quality content that’s relevant and insightful for applicants. While inviting guest authors is easy, please understand that in order to maintain the journalistic integrity and quality of the content on, it takes us a lot of time and effort to select, guide and edit everything that is published here.

All submissions have to follow our submission procedure, and guest authors are requested to submit a topic and/or synopsis first. We read all submissions within one week, and will contact you if your submission of topic has been accepted.

Ideas for Niches & Sub-Genres to Write on

If you’d like to write for, please consider one of the following niches that we have on our website:

  • Application Process & Criteria
  • Student Life & Experiences
  • Writing Cover Letters, Resumes or Letter of Intent for Applications
  • How to Score Well in GRE/GMAT
  • How to Select Your Major or Program
  • Applications to other schools
  • Campus housing and tips
  • Expenses and paying for it
  • Life after university
  • Higher education advice
  • Job search tips
  • College tips
  • Personality development
  • Soft skills you’ll need in your graduate program
  • Study tips
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship advice for students
  • Mental health tips for students
  • Life philosophy or rules to live by in life
  • Feel free to write about a related area we may have missed out on this list.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write about your education story and the leanings there.
  • Write your own story of application and selection.
  • Share your own resume, cover letter or application that got you into Harvard or other ivy-league school.
  • Write about your program to help students understand it before applying.
  • Share the things in your education or application process you learned the hard way.
  • Share what you learned from your college rejections.
  • Write about your college, education program or course.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self about higher education, what would that be?
  • Education or university news.
  • New types of programs or courses at an ivy-league.
  • Share some helpful tips or hacks for new students.

Article Submission Procedure for

Think up an idea that you’d like to write on based on the list given above.

Do a quick search on to make sure that your topic isn’t something we’ve already exactly covered.

Submit your topic with a few ideas on the approach you’ll take for the article or a synopsis. Send this to HowToGetInto-Harvard (at) We’ll email you asap if it is approved.

Once your topic is approved, please submit your article – at least 400 words, and preferably between 1000-2000 words.

We’ll edit and check the article for plagiarism and do fact-checking. Wait for it to be published.

In the event, we’d like to make certain edits to it, we’ll email you with requested changes or an edited draft.

Article Guidelines: How to Write a Good Article for

  • Choose something unique to write about, which gives you a chance to express your opinion or reflect your unique knowledge.
  • Choose a topic that you’re best suited to write through your experience or expertise.
  • Choose a topic that you feel students will benefit from.
  • Make your article easy-to-read. Use short sentences, simple words, and subheadings where possible or necessary. Remember – the students reading this website are between usually between 16-28 years old.
  • Feel free to include your personal opinions even if they are controversial.
  • Make your article helpful, insightful and/or educational.
  • Avoid obvious tips, or information that’s common knowledge. Avoid abstract subjects or vague tips.
  • Many students have shorter attention spans, so feel free to make it entertaining by adding your own experiences or funny tid-bits.
  • Want to give your own opinion on a topic we’ve already written about? That’s totally acceptable, as long as your article is something completely different, and will add on to the information for students.
  • If you’re including any images, be sure to only include your own work or copyright-free images. Add your photo and a short bio that we’ll include with the article. We cannot add a guest article without an author bio.

Author Bio

Why you need to submit an author bio? An author bio establishes trust with the reader, making them understand who is writing this article and why their views are relevant. By showcasing your picture, name and contact email/Twitter, readers will understand that a real and experienced person has written it. Adding the details of your academic and professional background helps to add credibility to the insights you’ve shared.

Author bio can be 100-200 words long. Please add the following information in it:

  1. Full Name:
  2. College(s) you graduated from (for bachelors & master’s / PhD degree) and year graduated for each?
  3. Your professional profile (city of origin, education, work experience, awards, publications etc.):
  4. Briefly explain your work or experience (e.g. worked on offshore projects in UK, US for retail companies taking care of…)
  5. Current designation:
  6. Current organization& location:
  7. Any hobbies/extra-curricular activities you pursue?
  8. Website/ blog (if any) –
  9. Please attach your recent (professional) picture, contact email address / Twitter / LinkedIn profile:

Feel free to boast a little!

What We Will Do to Edit the Article

  • We may edit the title to make it more attractive.
  • We’ll make structural and journalistic changes to the article to make it more understandable.
  • Major changes, if any, will be done in consultation with the author.
  • We’ll make the article more search-friendly so people can find it easily on Google, etc. when searching for that topic.
  • We’ll make sure the article stays on topic throughout, and we may remove or move unnecessary sentences, as required.

What We Don’t Publish on is not a job posting site or a website to promote businesses. Please refrain from submitting job openings or advertorials.

Advertorials are Not Accepted

We don’t accept advertorials. Articles written primarily to advertise a product, company or institute will be rejected. Please refrain from submitting articles with a biased view or those that promote a product/service for commercial benefit. We don’t accept guest articles with external third-party links.