Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions |

About Us

1. What kind of website is is an educational guide/ blog for helping students regarding everything related to their Harvard applications, from admission requirements & preparation, to improving your resume, to making your decision on what university to select. Read more about our work and philosophy on our About Us page.

2. Do you have a tutoring or coaching center?

No, we are not a tutoring or coaching center. is just a blog to help you make sure you’re submitting your best application to improve your chances of getting selected.

Content Policy & Ethical Journalism

1. How do I know which articles are paid for?

We are aware that the digital media industry has earned a bad reputation for lack of transparency and keeping the readers unaware of brand collaborations, paid product placements and sponsored content.

Any article that contains sponsored content, links or products, or shows a photo-shoot with paid-for products has a disclaimer “Sponsored Post” written on top of the article, just below the title.